Why LPG needn’t cost a fortune !

Go to almost any converter and ask about doing an LPG conversion as a DIY job and you’ll normally be met with “sucking through teeth” followed by a list of excuses why it isn’t possible. These excuses are likely to include things like “It’s illegal” (it isn’t), “It’s dangerous” (it isn’t if done right), “It’ll be hard to get insurance” (probably not), and “No one will sell you the parts” (well they might not ...).

Then if you ask around, you will get a whole load of reasons why you shouldn’t even consider a conversion. These may come from people who’ve have a bad experience, or from mechanics who are suddenly ‘experts’. Some of these reasons will include : “They never work right” (well badly setup carbs don’t work right either !), “you’ll lose all your boot space” (see some of the photos on this site), “you’ll lose lots of power” (yes you will if you do it badly), “you can’t fill up anywhere” (well I seldom have difficulty).

So I threw this site together as an answer to many of those Old Wives Tales (OWT), Myths, Lies, and general ignorance. Please browse away !

People how have been here before may well have observed that not much has happened lately – well for several years in fact ! Well the truth is that there hasn’t really been much to add. I’ve not done any conversions (my vehicles are running just fine), and not much has changed.

One thing that has definitely changed since I started this site is the availability of parts. When I first started, LPG was almost completely a closed shop – LPGA (now UK LPG) members wouldn’t sell to anyone who wasn’t themselves a member, and other sources were few and far between. Now you can pick up bits almost anywhere, and so availability isn’t a problem any more. Information is also much more freely available – see link to the LPG Forum below.

I’ll also point out that I am NOT an expert on LPG. I’ve done a course and converted a few (oldish) vehicles, but that does not make me an expert. I’ve had a few queries from readers, so at least I know the site is actually getting read, and I try to answer them as best I can. One excellent resource I’ve found since I started this site is the LPG Forum, where there are a fair number of other DIY enthusiasts and commercial installers - so it might be worth heading over there and looking in the forums.

You may notice a slight tendency to go on about Land Rovers, well all I own is Land Rovers, so that’s a clue. Also, I’ve only done one LPG conversion that wasn’t on a Land Rover (or Range Rover), and so I tend to talk about what I know about.