A random collection of links !

I know it’s not pretty, but I figured it’s more useful to get the function, and worry about making it pretty when I have time.

LPG Forum – an excellent collection of people with all sorts of experience and knowledge.
Land Rover UK Forums – A friendly bunch of Land Rover enthusiast who between them seem to know everything there is to know about stuff with a green oval on it.

Petrol Direct A light-hearted look at fuel supplies

Autogas Help.co.uk Someone in the trade (Mick Bird) with a website that also spills the knowledge beans.

Blaze A converter and supplier of kits for Land Rover vehicles.
WTV–UK Another supplier of kits and parts.
Tinley Tech Another converter and supplier of kits and parts.

A tool for generating Favicon files http://www.htmlkit.com/services/favicon/

Captin.co.uk An assortment of comments, information, photos, and rants - from the noisy bloke that sits next to me at work.