Range Rover 1989 3.5 V8

Photo of twin gas tanks under Range Rover
This vehicle marked the real start of our journey into LPG conversions - my friend had just bought this and naturally asked me about conversions. After doing some phoning around, we weren’t really happy with the DIY kits we were being offered and decided to go and do a course with one of the major distributors. It was an easy decision to make for several reasons :
  • We got to use their workshop and we didn’t have anywhere indoor to work.
  • It didn’t actually cost much more than the purchase price of the kit.
  • We would then have a certificate as having done the course.
  • We would have access to supplies at trade prices.
  • We would have access to their support.

We don’t think they were prepared for us ! Their normal customers would be garage mechanics sent to learn how to fit kits as quickly and cheaply as possible, mostly to newer vehicles. We had other ideas like wanting to properly understand things. Also, as this was a personal vehicle (rather than a customers) we took the effort to make it just as we wanted it. I think the final clincher was when a bracket needed removing and we asked for “the gas axe” (oxy-acetylene cutting torch) - we soon had half the staff stood round because they hadn’t seen anyone take a gas axe to their vehicle before !

As with my Discovery, this was a “no lost boot space” conversion, with two 40l cylinders in a cradle at the back and a replacement petrol tank in the rear wing. It’s not a cheap way of doing it, but it’s the neatest way.

It also has electronic closed loop control with an AEB Leonardo.